AS6100 Series Super Interactive Digital LCD Microscope

AS6100 is able to satisfy the needs of observing biological specimen slices and general objects in teaching and experimental fields. The built-in Android operating system is able to meet the needs of ordinary users and professional users. It can take pictures and video of microscope images without an external computer, which is a good assistant for efficient observation.

+ Biological & Stereo Microscope

+ HD shooting & Precise measurement

+ Screen annotation & Submission function

+ Adjustable screen and Touch screen

+ Camera and Video Function


Biological & Stereo Microscope

A Series microscopes creatively introduce the concept of lateral reflection light source, which allow the easy observation towards physical entity and greatly enrich the teaching content

HD shooting & Precise measurement

The instrument has a built-in HD digital image module with an effective pixel of 5 million and supports HD video 1080p/30fps. The free professional observation software also supports scale calibration and  can measure observation  samples quickly and accurately which makes your observations more reliable.

Screen annotation & Submission function

Replace the mechanical button panel with touch screen, more convenient to operate. The function of screen annotation function is convenient for teachers to assess students’ mastery of knowledge points.

Through adding screen annotation function, users can doodle, draw straight lines, draw hollow circles, make notes on the screen and so on. Teachers can check all students’ experiments process and results and stick out a mile and can View previous experiment results from it

Adjustable screen and Touch screen

It has a 10.1-inch HD display screen with a resolution of 1920*1200. Ultra-high definition images are displayed in real time to meet the needs of multipe people for simultaneous observation. 

Furthermore, the screen can be turned 180 degrees and rotated 270 degrees, which is suitable for observers standing at different positions and bid farewell to eye and cervical fatigue.

Camera and Video Function

Integrate photo and video functions, easy to record and observe.

It can take up to 16 million pixel microphotographs, and support the recording of 1080p/30fps microscopic videos, which realize recording and observing images easily, and retaining the dynamic process. During the teaching process, digital images and videos can be played back directly on the screen, or downloaded to storage devices such as U disks.