Metallurgical Microscope MR2100

MR2100 inverted metalluergical micorscope is widely used in school and laboratory etc.,to identify and analyze organizational structure of metals and alloys, and do researching on metallurgical metairal after heating.


Infinite optical system
 Optical System  Finite optical system
 Wide field
 Objective  Achromatic objective 10X/0.25 WD=6.3mm
 Plan achromatic objective 40X/0.65 WD=0.7mm
 Plan achromatic objective 50X/0.75 WD=2mm
 Achromatic objective 100X/1.25(oil) WD=0.1mm
 Viewing Head  Sliding binocular viewing head
 Monocular viewing head
 Integrative sliding binocular digital head(200M)
 Integrative sliding binocular digital head(300M)
 Illumination  12V/20W Halogen lamp, Center and brightness adjustable
 Focusing  Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, Fine division 0.002mm, Moving range 8mm
 Nosepiece  Triple nosepiece
 Stage  Mechanical stage180X155mm, Moving range 40X30mm, Stage Clips 1pc, Stage:Teardrop,Round Hole
 Filter  Green、Yellow and Daylight filter