OWON XDG2000 Series 2-CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator

+ Max 100MHz frequency output

+ 500MSa/s Sample rate,Vertical resolution 1μHz

+ 14 bits Vertical Resolution,10Marb waveform length

+ Comprehensive waveform output : 6 basic waveforms and 150 built-in arbitrary waveforms

+ Comprehensive modulation functions : AM, FM, PM, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, PSK, OSK, ASK, DSB-AM, QPSK,SUM,BPSK, PWM, Sweep, and Burst

+ High-accuracy frequency counter integrated, supported range 100mHz – 200MHz

+ SCPI, and LabVIEW supported

+ 7 inch (800 × 480 pixels) multi-touch screen, support


Model XDG2100 XDG2080 XGG2060 XDG2035 XDG2030
Channel 2
Frequency Output 100MHz 80MHz 60MHz 35MHz 30MHz
Sample Rate 500MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bits
Standard Waveform sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise, and harmonic
Arbitrary Waveform exponential rise, exponential fall, sin(x)/x, step wave, and others,
total 150 built-in waveforms, and user-defined arbitrary waveform
Frequency (resolution 1μHz)
Sine 1μHz-100MHz 1μHz-80MHz 1μHz-60MHz 1μHz-35MHz 1μHz-30MHz
Square 1μHz ~ 30MHz 1μHz ~ 30MHz 1μHz ~ 30MHz 1μHz ~ 15MHz 1μHz-15MHz
Pulse 1μHz ~ 25MHz 1μHz ~ 25MHz 1μHz ~ 25MHz 1μHz ~ 15MHz 1μHz-15MHz
Ramp 1μHz ~ 3MHz 1μHz ~ 3MHz 1μHz ~ 3MHz 1μHz ~ 3MHz 1μHz-3MHz
Noise (-3dB,typical) 100MHz 80MHz 60MHz 35MHz 30MHz
Arbitrary Waveform 1μHz ~15MHz 1μHz ~15MHz 1μHz ~15MHz 1μHz ~15MHz 1μHz-15MHz
Harmonic 1μHz ~50MHz 1μHz ~40MHz 1μHz ~30MHz 1μHz ~17.5MHz 1μHz-15MHz
Accuracy ±2ppm, 25°C±5°C
Waveform Length 2 points – 10M points
into 50Ω load 1mVpp ~ 10Vpp(≤ 25MHz);
1mVpp ~ 5Vpp (≤60MHz);
1mVpp ~ 2.5Vpp(≤100MHz);
Frequency Counter
Function Frequency, period, +width, -width, +duty, and -duty
Frequency Range 100mHz ~ 200MHz
Frequency Resolution 7 digits
Input / Output
Input mode frequency counter,
external modulation input,
external trigger input,
Internal clock output,
external reference clock input / output
Communication Interface USB Host, USB Device,LAN,RS232(optional)
Mechanical specifications
Size 340mm x 177mm x 90mm
Weight 2.3kg