Zoom Stereo Microscope NSZ-608T Series

+ The leading role of the same level microscopes, wide range observation with zoom range 0.6X-5X 、zoom ratio 1:8.3 and visual field up to Φ76mm.

+ With high quality optical components, providing sharp and striking contrast image and no ghost image.

+ Ease the tiredness with ergonomic design.

+ With Complete eyepieces, auxiliary objectives and other accessories, it isan ideal instrument for industry assembling, inspection and teaching field.


Technical specifications
 Viewing Tube  Trinocular viewing head, Inclined at 30°
 Diopter Adjustment Eyepiece  Extra wide field eyepiece WF10X/Φ23
 Zoom Objective  0.6X-5X
 Zoom Ratio  1: 8.3
 Working Distance  115mm
 Interpupillary Distance  55-75mm
 Auxiliary objective  0.5X
 Stage Insert  Glass plate and Opal & black acrylic plate, Diameter 125mm
 Glass plateand Opal & black acrylic plate, Diameter 100mm
 Focusing Range  105mm
 Illumination  Incident Illumination 100V-240V/LED
 Transmitted Illumination 100V-240V/LED
 Video Adapter  0.55X C Mount
 1X C Mount