AS3100 Series Interactive Digital LCD Microscope

AS3100 series interactive high-definition digital LCD microscope can meet the observation of biological specimen slice demand of teaching field; it supports multiple interactive network devices and satisfies the needs of the interactive teaching laboratory. It can realize the microscopic pictures, videos, and storage without an external computer, so it is your good helper for high-efficiency observation!

+ Stable all-metal supportive structure

+ Easy-to-use digital light source display control system

+ Eye-catching handle

+ High capacity lithium battery (optional)


Biological + Stereo Microscope

A Series microscopes creatively introduce the concept of lateral reflection light source, which allow the easy observation towards physical entity and greatly enrich the teaching content

HD shooting + Precise measurement

The instrument has a built-in HD digital image module with an effective pixel of 5 million and supports HD video 1080p/30fps. The free professional observation software also supports scale calibration and  can measure observation  samples quickly and accurately which makes your observations more reliable.

USB functions: U disk storage & software operation

There is built-in 8G storage in the microscope. Users can transfer the experimental data into U disk by USB1 interface; after the U disk is inserted, the experimental data is stored in the U disk preferentially.

USB Camera: Users can connect desktop computers, laptops, electronic screens and other computer devices to output digital image by USB2 interface. Combined with special software, microscopic images can be analyzed and measured.

Adjustable screen

The machine comes with a 10.1-inch high-definition display to meet the needs of multiple people observing at the same time. Furthermore, the screen can be flipped 180°and rotated 270°to be suitable for observers in different locations.

Multi-functional knob

There is a Light Source Adjustment Knob on the base and the switch of light source, the adjustment of brightness and the power on & off can be realized by one click. Meanwhile, the brightness, type of light source (indicated by Chinese), remaining power and charging state can be presented on the Light Source State Display.