SX10A Monocular Student Microscope

+ Most popular elementary student microscope

+ Up and down LED illumination

+ Monocular head, inclined at 45°, 360° rotatable

+ 10x, 25x wide-field eyepieces are used


SX10A is our most popular elementary student microscopes. This microscope is slightly smaller in size for young scientists without sacrificing high quality glass optics. The student elementary microscope includes Up and Down LED illumination, rugged metal components and has been built with student proofing features to eliminate damage to microscope and loss of parts.


New upgraded “up and down LED illuminations”. It provides up and down lights when light is inadequate, which is more clear observation, more convenient to use.





Monocular Head, Inclined at 45°, 360° Rotatable; Triple Nosepiece Achromatic Objective 4X, 10X, 40X.






WF10X and WF25X are included, Plain Stage with Slide Clip 95x95mm







Wide-field Eyepieces are used: professional lens, field of view is wider, and more clear image.






Six different size diaphragm, user can adjust according to observation need, more simple and convenient.






AA battery house is reserved, which provides working properly when no electricity or using outdoors







  • • Viewing head: Monocular head, inclined at 45°, 360° Rotation
  • • Eyepiece: WF10x/16 eyepiece, 1pc
  •                      WF25x eyepiece, 1pc
  • • Objective: Achromatic objective 4x
  •                       Achromatic objective 10x
  •                       Achromatic objective 40x
  • • Condenser: N.A 0.65 with disc diaphragm
  • • Nosepiece: Triple nosepiece
  • • Stage: Plain stage with slide clip 95x95mm
  • • Illumination: Up and down LED illumination
  • • Focusing System: Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
  • • Options: Digital Eyepiece, Digital Camera