Metallurgical Microscope METAM LV

Best choice for material microscopy expert who requires high-performance optical tool. It also supplies the best optical performance for material research, quality control, Invalidation Analysis and other applications.


Technical specifications
 Optical System  Infinite optical system
 Extral Wide Field
 WF10X/20 Eyepiece with scale of cross hair
 Infinite Plan
APO Objective
 5X/0.17/∞/0 (BF/DF)       WD 8.6mm
 10X/0.28/∞/0 (BF/DF)      WD 3.4mm
 20X/0.5/∞/0(BF/DF)        WD 1.1mm
 50X/0.85/∞/0(BF/DF)       WD 0.5mm
 100X/0.95(Dry)/∞/0(BF)     WD 0.1mm
 100X/1.32(Oil)/∞/0(BF)      WD 0.1mm
 Viewing Head  Siedentopf trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°
 Kohler Incident Light  12V/100W Halogen light, Center and brightness adjustable
 Polarizer and analyzer
 Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray and ground glass
 Focusing  Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, fine division 2μm
 Nosepiece  Quintuple nosepiece
 Stage  Double layer mechanical stage 200X190mm,Moving range 40mmX40mm
 Stage: Φ16, Φ40, Teardrop
 Accessories  Photo/ Video attachment
 Micrometer scale 0.01mm